Welcome to the Buoy Tags support page. On this page you'll find a link to our Custom Templates, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and contact information for the Buoy Tags team.



Customize your Buoy Tags with our templates for Illustrator, Word and Photoshop. Including your email address or phone number will help people contact you if your Earbuds, USB Dock Cable or Magsafe Adapter are misplaced. Businesses can add corporate logos or serial numbers to company property.

1) Select and download your desired template format.

2) Customize the template, following the instructions in the template file.

3) Print your customized template on standard printer paper and cut them out following the template lines.



Why can't I get my Buoy Tags to snap together?

Each of the three Buoy Tags is made to specifically fit the Apple Earbuds, USB Dock Cable and Magsafe Adapter. Each top (Clear) section corresponds to a specific bottom (Red) Buoy Tag section to prevent mismatching of the pairs. The Buoy Tags ship paired together, but can also be sorted by matching up the tab pattern on the top and bottom sections.

I need several Buoy Tags for iPhone headsets, but nothing else. What do I do?

Currently, Buoy Tags only come in the 3 Pack configuration and are not available for individual purchase.

Is my credit card information safe?

Buoy Tags does not store or have access to any of our customers' credit card information. For security this information is handled entirely by our payment processors.

Does Buoy Tags Ship Internationally?

Yes, we offer shipping worldwide.

Will I be charged Duties and Customs Fees for International Shipping?

Possibly, depending on your country. Many customers do not regularly receive international packages and are surprised to see these charges.

Buoy Tags has no control over how countries choose to levy customs fees, duties or other taxes on incoming goods. We cannot predict what the customs fees will be as we ship to over 50 countries worldwide and each country has its own set of individual policies. If you are not familiar with your countries importing policies and taxation practices please check before ordering.

I just received my Buoy Tags and I can't separate them. How do I get them apart?

Buoy Tags are enclosed in a clear plastic tray when shipped. The corner of the tray can be used as a tool to gently pry the Buoy Tag apart. Once opened, It's best not to close the Buoy Tag again until it's been placed on the corresponding cable.

Can I return my Buoy Tags?

We stand by our products and if you are not completely satisfied, feel free to return your Buoy Tags for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Drop us a line at