Buoy Tags were first made available in 2012.  They've since been named one of the "6 Ways to Simplify Your Life" by Real Simple and featured on the "Hot Stuff" page in MacWorld Magazine.

Real Simple

Even in our household of two, it’s easy to walk away with each other’s Apple charger cables.
— Apartment Therapy

Macworld Magazine

As a longtime Apple user, I was frustrated with the confusion surrounding the charging cables and earbuds. They all bear the white Apple uniform. People would tell their cables apart by flaws or wrap a piece of tape around the cable that would come off and leave a sticky residue. I wanted a better solution.

Your Apple devices get used every day and so do your cables. Buoy Tags take a common nuisance and give you an easy affordable fix.
— Erin, Founder


— Minimal Mac
If you tend to use your Apple gear in places where other Apples users congregate...Buoy Tags can help.
— Macworld